Blue Screen Error Support

Leveraging on our rich technical experience, we provide 24x7 blue screen error support. Blue screen error is just an indication that your computer is nearing the end of its lifetime, also called as blue screen of death. Blue screen is a type of error which makes your system stop responding, leading to its crash down. The computer stops responding in order to prevent damage to the hardware or data present inside it.

The reasons behind blue screen error are as follows:

  • Software errors in the device drivers
  • Missing DLL files in the system
  • Bugs in the software kernels of the operating system
  • Faults in the RAM memory or power supply
  • Overheating and over-clocking of components

So it’s a serious error, which should be fixed as soon as possible. The steps to fix/ troubleshoot blue screen error are as follows:

  • Check whether it is software/hardware related.


  • Check, if PC is functioning in safe mode or not
  • If it opens in safe mode without crashing, it is software related and if not then it is hardware related
  • Remove or uninstall the culprit program from your system


  • Open control panel and uninstall/remove the recently installed programs
  • Restart your system and check the current status
  • Clean /fix the damaged registry


  • Manually check the registry entries, or run good registry cleaner software into your system.

Blue screen error normally happens in computers using Microsoft operating system. It also happens because of outdated drivers related to various components such as BIOS, graphics card, and VGA. As these are highly technical issues, it cannot be resolved by a common computer user. 

We offer 24x7 tech support to remove blue screen error with the help of our certified technicians. They get into the source of problem and fix every issue affecting your computer’s performance. 

Feel free to call us on our toll free no 1-800-462-5143, and take your worries off your shoulders. 

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