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Leveraging on our rich technical experience, we provide 24x7 online support for slow computer issues. We provide IE support whenever you need it; you are free to call 24x7x365. We have trained technicians with in-depth knowledge of this domain. They get into the source of problem to fix them permanently from the root node.

As we know that computer is an electronics device with hardware and software that need timely maintenance. However, due to ignorance, lack of knowledge, rough usage, and malware attack, the computer slows down noticeably.

The main causes which slow down a computer are as follows:

  • Overheating of processor
  • Insufficient RAM memory or slower RAM timing
  • Dense bad sectors on hard disk
  • Un-optimized BIOS settings
  • Unwanted programs running at the start up
  • Unwanted runaway processes
  • Disk fragmentation
  • Huge number of running background applications

If we take good care and properly maintain the computer, these issues can be avoided. If these issues are not tackled in time, they will slowly eat up your computer’s life.

The steps to troubleshoot/fix slow computer speed are as follows:

  • Provide extra fans, better vents, and adequate room inside for good airflow.
  • Increase RAM memory.
  • Backup your data, and format your hard disk to remove bad sectors present on it.
  • Go online and get the best and optimal settings for your BIOS.
  • Disable unwanted services running at the start up.


  • Click start and Type ‘msconfig’ in the search box
  • Click msconfig.exe
  • Un-tick the services that you want to disable
  • Click ‘apply’ and then ‘ok’ to save the changes
  • Stop unwanted run away processes
  • Run disk defragmentation tool, to free hard disk space
  • Disable running background applications by going to start up tab of system configuration utility.

These are the steps by which you can boost your computer’s speed and can properly maintain your computer in the long run. However, these are technical issues that cannot be resolved by normal users. We offer 24x7 tech support service for slow computers with the help of our certified technicians. They get into the source of problem and fix every issue affecting your computer’s performance. Feel free to call us on our toll free no 1-800-462-5143, and take your worries off your shoulders.

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